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Hi, I’m Brad R. Edwards, a 22-year-old undergraduate Digital Marketing student and the owner of coloringbookcorner.com. I’ve been using coloring books for adults for about five years now as a way to relax and unwind after my days of studying/ working. This website was set up to help shed light on resources, guides, tips and tricks that every colorist would benefit from having to get more enjoyment out of their hobby! I hope you find this site to be useful and enjoyable to read, and will support me back by sharing it to your friends/ family who are also interested in getting into the coloring book past-time. This site would not be what it was if it wasn’t for you reading and supporting, and I encourage anyone reading to get involved with the posts by commenting, I’d love to hear from you! I’m by no means an expert colorist, and I recognize that some people reading this may be leagues above my own skill/ knowledge and so could potentially help hundreds of colorists by leaving their suggestions in the comments box.

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